Satatuote Oy's anonymous reporting channel for alleged misconduct

Satatuote Oy strives for absolutely ethical and legal procedures in its operations. For this reason, we encourage our staff and partners, as well as other parties dealing with us, to report suspected malpractices, unlawful or unethical behavior. 

When should I report?

Report your suspicions about possible dishonest-, illegal-, fraudulent- unethical- or negligent activities, occupational safety violations, or even illegal dismissal. If something worries you about our operations, then you should make a report.

Tracking the report

By keeping the ID and password you provided when submitting the report, you can monitor the processing of the report and provide additional information if necessary. You should save the password and ID in a safe place. Without them you cannot monitor the processing of your report. Also, the ID or password cannot be recovered if you lose them.


All reports are always treated confidentially. The identity of the informant is encrypted throughout the process. The reporting channel is completely data protected. We do not collect any information about you that you have not provided yourself. This means that, for example, your IP address remains secret.

We take all reports seriously. Reports received through the reporting channel are handled confidentially by Satatuote Oy's Whistleblowing team. The team ensures that the case is handled appropriately, following the agreed handling procedure. Only the Whistleblowing team has access to reports. Team members are bound by a duty of confidentiality regarding the cases they handle.

The reporting channel has been implemented by an external entity, Altivo Oy. This is because we can thus guarantee that the privacy of the informant is maintained throughout the process. If the informant has provided his own identification information or reports about another person, the personal information will be processed in accordance with data protection principles. Personal identification information is deleted when the case has been processed, or the information is no longer needed.
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Do not include sensitive personal information in the report, unless it is necessary for the report. After pressing the submit button, you will see the ID and password, which you can use to monitor the status of your report. Please save these carefully, we cannot return them!