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Whistleblower reporting of a potential breach through the Whistle system Demo Oy strives to act in a strictly ethical and legal manner. To this end, we encourage all our staff members (and partners) to report suspected misconduct or unethical behaviour.

When to report?

Report your suspicions of possible dishonest, illegal, fraudulent or negligent behaviour. This could include bullying situations, fraudulent use of a job or any other illegal activity.


All reports will always be treated confidentially. The identity of the whistleblower will be kept confidential throughout the process. We encourage you to report any wrongdoing you see and to include your contact details in the report. However, it is also possible to report anonymously. The reporting channel is fully privacy protected. We will not collect any information about you that you have not provided yourself. This means, for example, that your IP address remains confidential.

By keeping the ID and password you provided when you submitted the notification, you will be able to monitor the processing of the notification and provide further information if necessary.

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Do not include sensitive personal data in the advertisement unless it is necessary for the advertisement. We do not store any personal information, nor do we store an IP address.