An anonymous whistleblowing reporting channel

A whistleblowing channel supports ethically sustainable business operations and helps to deal with emerging malpractices quickly and internally within the company.

By using the Anywhistle reporting channel, you ensure high-level data security for your company and protect the whistleblower's privacy throughout the entire process. Our team of experts ensures a compliant procedural process from start to finish.

Our service is suitable for both private and public sector organizations.

Small and medium sized companies

1-100 employees

29€/ month    

Compatible with browser and mobile devices
Attachments can be added to the notification
Get email notifications for new reportings
Available in 4 different languages
One admin account
Company logo and coloring for the whistleblowing reporting page
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Large companies

Over 100 employees

69€/ month    

Compatible with browser and mobile devices
Attachments can be added to the notification
Get email notifications for new reportings
Available in 4 different languages
Unlimited admin accounts
The appearance of the reporting page will be tailored for your company
The whistleblowing form is customized according to the needs of your company
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Customized whistleblower channel to your company’s own website

Price according to needs

Reporting channel to your company's own website
User management, no outsider acces to announcements
The form is fully customizable
Appearance is fully customizable
Languages according to the languages of your homepage
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European Union directive and its national implementation

Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council obliges all companies and other organizations with 50 employees to organize a whistleblowing reporting channel for both the employees and several external stakeholders.

The national legislation in Finland is intended to enter into force soon.

Our Anywhistle reporting channel meets the requirements of the EU directive and upcoming national legislation.



Anywhistle's reporting channel was founded to meet the demand in the market to have an inexpensive, safe, easy-to-use and completely anonymous notification channel for the company to use.

Anywhistle is suitable for all types of organisations due to its user-friendliness. The system meets the requirements of the EU whistleblower directive and complies with GDPR regulations.

Leave a contact request, and we will plan a package suitable for your company's needs.

How can the whistleblower track their report?

When you blow the whistle and leave a report, you will receive a username and password, which you can use to monitor the processing status of your report, as well as the comments left on it.

With two-way anonymous communication, you can also add information afterwards or send e.g. attachments.

Save the password and ID you receive safely, they will not be sent to e-mail, and they cannot be recovered if they are lost!

Is the channel secure?

Yes! The identity of the informant cannot be ascertained in any way, the informant does not provide any personal information when making a report. The reporter's IP address or information from the reporter's computer or browser are also not collected.

The notification channel has been implemented by information security company Altivo Oy. This guarantees that the informant's privacy will be maintained throughout the process. The company whose misconduct is reported does not have access to the entire system, but only to its own reports.

How to get started with the anywhistle channel?

You can get Anywhistle reporting channel for your company by filling out the contact form, after which we will contact you.

The address for your company's whistleblowing page will be

We add your company's logo and colours to the page. If needed we can also tailor your whistleblowing page to best suit your company.

Can my company process reports?

Yes! The company is given its own username and password, with which a person authorized by the company can check them and change the status of the report.

The login is secure and icludes a two-factor authentication, which also guarantees secure data management.

Each company has its own separate whistleblowing system.

Is it possible to get Anywhistle’s reporting channel to our own website?

Yes! We can customize your own whistleblowing channel for your company's website. The reporting channel is easier to find, and the processing of reports can be done through the management of your own homepage.